Thursday, November 14
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Agenda subject to change.
Updated 20 September 2019


I1: Monitoring II – Monitoring Criteria and Communication

Moderator: Clelia Marti De Ocampo
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

10:35 Developing an Index of Habitat Quality for Maine Lakes
Jeremy Deeds
10:55 Assessing and Communicating the Status of Vermont’s Inland Lakes
Leslie Matthews
11:15 Building a National Scale Canadian Lake Monitoring Network
Lucie Levesque
11:35 Re-evaluating Recommended Phosphorus and Nitrogen Criteria for US Lakes and Reservoirs
Lester Yuan


I2: Sediment Release I

Moderator: David Neils
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Concord, New Hampshire

10:35 Drivers of Phosphorus Release and Sequestration in Eutrophic Waters and Their Sediments: Insight From Environmental Monitoring and Experimental Manipulation of Redox Front Dynamics
Andrew Schroth
10:55 Spatial and Temporal Variation in Anoxic Water in a Partially Stratified Temperate Lake
Hillary Kenyon
11:15 Comparative Lake Sediment Incubation Experiments to Determine the Phosphate Release and Effect on Water Quality After Treatment With Different Precipitation Materials
Said Yasseri
11:35 Internal Phosphorus Loading Models: A Critical Review
Gertrud Nürnberg


I3: Harmful Algal Blooms VI

Moderator: Todd Tietjen
Southern Nevada Water Authority, Las Vegas, Nevada

10:35 Nuisance Phytoplankton Blooms Related More to Hydrography Than to Phosphorus
Shannon Brattebo
10:55 Predicting the Occurrence of Harmful Algal Blooms Resulting From Wind-Related Metalimnetic Entrainment of High Phosphorus Hypolimnetic Water
Sarah Burnet
11:15 Big Problems, Limited Data: Going From 0 to 60 to Assess and Address HABs, Pathogens, Emerging Contaminants, and More in a Problematic Coastal Pond
Matt Ladewig
11:35 Save Time, Money, and Headaches With a Multi-Product Approach to HAB Management Utilizing Targeted Spot Treatments
Elizabeth Crafton


I4: Oxygenation III

Moderator: Steve Souza
Clean Waters Consulting, LLC, Ringoes, New Jersey

10:35 Making Money on Lake and Reservoir Restoration: A Case History of Hypolimnetic Oxygenation in California
Alex Horne
10:55 Comparing Summer 2018 to 2019 Water Quality Data, North Lake, Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania
Holly Frederick
11:15 All-Natural Technology to Remediate Algae / Cyanobacteria
Mike Mangham
11:35 Algae Mitigation Using Air Nanobubbles
Christian Ference


I5: Aquatic Invasive Species VII – Non-Chemical Control

Moderator: Terry McNabb
Aquatechnex, LLC, Bellingham, Washington

10:35 Successful Physical Management of AIS in the Drinking Water Reservoirs Serving Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Joy Trahan-Liptak
10:55 Changes in Grass Carp Growth and Mortality During Two Decades of Hydrilla Management
Daniel Stich
11:15 TBD
11:35 TBD