Photo by Craig McNeil

John Fielder

A Portrait of Colorado’s Lakes & Reservoirs…Then, Now, and in 2050!

John Fielder has spent the past 40 years exploring and photographing most of Colorado’s 66 million acres. He has assembled for this presentation iconic images of its lakes and reservoirs, from Highest Lake at 13,100 feet above seas level in Rocky Mountain National Park to Lake Pueblo at 4,890 feet. Included will be the 19th-century Colorado lake photos of W.H. Jackson side-by-side with Fielder’s repeat images made a century later.

Fielder will also discuss Colorado’s 2015 Water Plan. The state’s population will increase to 10 million by 2050 from its current 5.5 million. In the face of global warming, where will the water needed to accommodate these people come from and will Colorado’s natural environment, including its rivers and creeks, lakes and reservoirs, survive the outcome.

John Fielder has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s ranches, open space, and wildlands during his 35-year career as a nature photographer and publisher. His photography has influenced people and legislation, earning him recognition including the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award in 1993 and, in 2011, the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s first Achievement Award given to an individual. Over 40 books have been published depicting his Colorado photography. He lives in Summit County, Colorado, and operates a fine art gallery, John Fielder’s Colorado, in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe. He teaches photography workshops to adults and children. His latest books are Colorado’s Yampa River: Free Flowing & Wild from the Flat Tops to the Green and Wildflowers of Colorado. Information about John and his work can be found at


Photo by Honey Lindburg

Patty Limerick

Patty Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she is also a professor of environmental studies and history. In addition, Patty was named to serve as the new Colorado State Historian and appointed to the National Endowment for the Humanities advisory board called The National Council on the Humanities. Patty was nominated by President Obama in Spring 2015 and was confirmed by the United States Senate in November of 2015. She is the author of Desert Passages, The Legacy of Conquest, Something in the Soil, and A Ditch in Time. A frequent public speaker and a columnist for The Denver Post, Limerick has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between academics and the general public, to demonstrating the benefits of applying historical perspective to contemporary dilemmas and conflicts, and to making the case for humor as an essential asset of the humanities. A recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship and the Hazel Barnes Prize (the University of Colorado’s highest award for teaching and research), she has served as president of the American Studies Association, the Western History Association, the Society of American Historians, and the Organization of American Historians, as well as the vice president for teaching of the American Historical Association. She received her B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her Ph.D. from Yale University.