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Certified Lake Managers

Certified Lake Managers (CLMs) manage lakes, ponds, reservoirs and other bodies of water. CLMs make decisions that affect the quality and use of these water bodies. This CLM listing is sorted alphabetically by State or Province. Looking for a Certified Lake Professional? Click here!

Alberta, Canada

Photo of Al Sosiak Al Sosiak


Photo of Bradley Hufhines Bradley Hufhines

Brad Hufhines has been employed at Beaver Water District for 11 years as an Environmental Specialist. Prior to his employment at Beaver Water District, Mr. Hufhines was an operator at a tertiary wastewater treatment plant. Mr. Hufhines is currently certified as a NALMS Certified Lake Manager. Mr. Hufhines works closely with the Source Water Protection planning for Beaver Lake, the source water for over 420,000 residents in Northwest Arkansas.…


Photo of Frederick Amalfi Frederick Amalfi

British Columbia, Canada

Photo of Jesse Montgomery Jesse Montgomery

I am a biologist working in operations including water supply reservoirs for Metro Vancouver.


Photo of Seyoum Gebremariam Seyoum Gebremariam

Photo of Eli Kersh, CLM Eli Kersh, CLM

Eli spent many years working in and traveling to remote wilderness areas as a fishing or kayaking guide. Through these and other experiences he developed knowledge and skills that led him to seek an academic path geared towards the Outdoors. He received his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara in 2007 where he majored in Geography.…


Photo of G. Chris Holdren G. Chris Holdren

Photo of Steve Lundt Steve Lundt

Photo of Clayton Weese Clayton Weese

Clayton Weese graduated from Mesa State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  He is currently a State of Colorado Certified Class A Water Operator and NALMS Certified Lake Manager.  Clayton has worked in the drinking water industry for almost 18 years now and has held the positions of Water Treatment Plant Operator, Water Quality Analyst, and currently is the Water Resource Specialist for Ute Water Conservancy District in Grand Junction, CO. …


***(PLM) = Provisional Lake Manager***

Photo of (PLM) Luke Gervase (PLM) Luke Gervase

Luke Gervase has been an Aquatic Biologist for The Pond and Lake Connection in Brookfield, CT since May 2016. He is a graduate of SUNY ESF (B.S. in aquatics and fisheries science with a minor in marine ecology) and SUNY Oneonta (M.S. in lake management). His master’s thesis and research was focused on writing a comprehensive lake management plan for the Millsite Lake Property Owners Association in Redwood, NY; writing is still in progress.…

Photo of Mark June- Wells Mark June- Wells

We strive to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring in freshwater ecosystems to provide our clients with exceptional consulting services. To achieve our goals we conduct baseline ecological research, leverage relationships with engineering/management firms, actively participate in numerous conservation societies, and work with a variety of state, local, and private entities. Our hope is that we can positively influence the ecological, recreational, and consumptive values of New England's freshwater ecosystems.…

Photo of George Knoecklein George Knoecklein

Photo of Bruce Lockhart Bruce Lockhart

Bruce Lockhart holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in Park and Recreation Resources and has over a decade of experience in planning, developing and managing water-based parks and recreational areas in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (yep - a Yooper). During this time Bruce also gained his certification as a law enforcement officer from Northern Michigan University, and enjoyed a short but exciting career as a commercial fisherman on both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.…

Photo of Michael Martin Michael Martin

Michael has extensive experience in water resource management, including lake and watershed monitoring and restoration, environmental education, environmental permitting, aquatic plant and aquatic invasive species management, algal identification and control, environmental habitat and impact assessment, wetland delineation, wetland design and restoration, and the development of environmental resource geographic information systems. He has collected, analyzed, and interpreted water quality data and developed and implemented long term lake and watershed monitoring and management programs on hundreds of lakes and ponds throughout New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and Indiana.…

Photo of Chris Mayne Chris Mayne


Photo of Bruce Richards Bruce Richards


Photo of Sergio Duarte Sergio Duarte

Sergio Duarte has been a member of the Florida Lakes Management Society(FLMS)for over 13 years and is the current President of the Central Chapter of FLMS. Sergio has over 18 years of experience in lakes, stormwater and fisheries management; as well as environmental, nutrient loadings/BMP’s studies, wetland conservation, canal and lake restoration projects, extension service work, aquaculture production & consulting.…

Photo of Mark Hoyer Mark Hoyer

Photo of Michael Perry Michael Perry

Michael J. Perry has served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Lake Management Society since July 2001 and as Treasurer since June 2003. He was elected as the NALMS Region 4 Director in 2012 and then as NALMS Treasurer in 2013. Mike serves as the Executive Director of the Lake County Water Authority. He has been in that position since July 2000, responsible for the surface and groundwater resources in Lake County and managing an annual budget in excess of $20 million.…

Photo of Curtis Porterfield Curtis Porterfield

Curtis Porterfield graduated from USF with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. He worked for FDEP for several years post-graduation and with Polk County Natural Resources for several years after that. He currently manages the Lakes and Stormwater Program for the City of Lakeland. Curtis specializes in lakes management, storm sewer infrastructure management, and freshwater law and policy.


Photo of Anthony Dodd Anthony Dodd

AFS Certified Fisheries Professional Past Secretary, Georgia Lake Society Board Member at Large, Georgia Lake Society Advisory Board, Georgia EPD Georgia Adopt-a-Stream Program

Photo of Jim Lanier Jim Lanier


Photo of Sandy Kubillus Sandy Kubillus

Specializes in lake and pond management and consulting, especially water and sediment quality, bathymetric mapping, lake management plans, shoreline erosion control, wetland delineations and permitting. Certified Lake Manager. Active in the Illinois Lakes Management Associaiton. Sr. Environmental Consultant with ILM since 1994. Adjunct instructor for Environmental Biology at the College of Lake County.

Photo of Michael Malon Michael Malon

Mike Malon is the resource conservationist for the Jo Daviess County Soil and Water Conservation District, a position he has held since 2011. He worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for a decade before earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Dubuque. He also studied GIS at Oregon State University and recently completed a master’s degree in environmental policy at American Public University.…

Photo of Michelle Nicol Michelle Nicol
217-757-8660 x102


Photo of Shaun Hyde Shaun Hyde

Photo of Sara Peel Sara Peel

Sara Peel, CLM currently serves as the Secretary on the NALMS Board of Directors. Sara is the director of watershed projects for the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation, a nonprofit focused on improving ecological, economic, and social conditions within the Wabash River basin. Sara received her BS in Biology and Chemistry from Alma College and her MS in Environmental Science from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.…


Photo of Wendy Gendron Wendy Gendron

Ms. Gendron is a Certified Lake Manager with 17 years of experience in water resources management. She currently owns Aquatic Restoration Consulting, LLC, a small consulting firm specializing in lake, river and watershed management. She also works as a Project Manager with the Army Corps of Engineers managing large aquatic restoration projects. Prior to 2009, she worked at AECOM as an environmental consultant.…

Photo of Bob Hartzel Bob Hartzel

Photo of David Mitchell David Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell is an aquatic ecologist with 27 years of experience in water quality and watershed assessment, aquatic restoration and monitoring projects, water toxics control, ecological risk assessments, and water quality permitting throughout the United States. He has extensive experience in Clean Water Act regulatory compliance, permitting and policy issues. Dr. Mitchell presents frequently at national water resource management and nutrient/water quality conferences, has over 70 technical publications and presentations, provides expert testimony, and has co-authored technical manuals for lake/pond management and macrophyte control.…

Photo of Ken Wagner Ken Wagner

Photo of David WH Wong David WH Wong

Lake Management and Invasive Species Control


Photo of William Monagle William Monagle


Photo of David Austin David Austin

Photo of Joe Bischoff Joe Bischoff

Joe Bischoff is a Principal Aquatic Ecologist who leads the Lake Management and Water Quality division for a regional water resources engineering firm in Minnesota.

Photo of James Johnson James Johnson

Over the past 20 years, I have been very lucky to work with great lake researchers and mentors throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. I am a researcher at heart, but I have found that the most rewarding projects are those where I can sit down with non-scientists, roll up my sleeves, and get to work helping them protect and improve the lakes they love.…

Photo of Dick Osgood Dick Osgood

Services include: Lake Management Plans, Independent Proposal Reviews, Alum Diagnostics and Dose Determination, Aquatic Invasive Species, Expert Testimony, Mediation. See Dick's blog: www.LakeManagersNotebook.com Dick Osgood of OSGOOD CONSULTING LLC is a Certified Lake Manager (CLM), one of only five dozen in North America. Dick has graduate degrees in Aquatic Ecology and Geology and has over 30 years’ experience in lake science and management.…


Photo of Reynaldo Gumucio Reynaldo Gumucio

North Carolina

Photo of Clint Calhoun Clint Calhoun
828-625-9983 x 50

I graduated from Gardner-Webb University in ’96 with a B.S. in Biology. I have worked as a naturalist and environmental biologist in the Hickory Nut Gorge Area of western North Carolina since 1997. From 2003 to 2006 I served as the Watershed Coordinator for the Upper Broad River Watershed and now currently work for the Town of Lake Lure Lake Operations Department as Environmental Management Officer.…

Photo of Bruce Ellis Bruce Ellis
919 967-8711

Photo of H. Dean Givens H. Dean Givens

Director of Lake Operations for lake Lure since 2008,

Photo of Barbara Wiggins Barbara Wiggins

Barbara Wiggins has been involved with water quality, lake and watershed issues since 1980. She was certified as a Lake Manager in 1992. She has her own business, Wiggins Environmental Services, Inc., a women's owned business since 1997. WES has developed watershed plans, assessed lake problems, developed lake surveys, performed boating use analyses, provides general consultation and grant applications for clients in North Carolina and the SE.…

New Hampshire

Photo of Gabe Bolin Gabe Bolin
(603) 809-6101

Photo of Donald Kretchmer Donald Kretchmer

New Jersey

Photo of Chris Doyle Chris Doyle

Photo of Larry Kovar Larry Kovar

Established in 1984, Aquatic Analysts, Inc. is a highly qualified, full service environmental consulting company specializing in lake, pond and watershed management. Our distinguished staff of experts have academic backgrounds in aquatic ecology and extensive experience in the field. Mission Statement: Aquatic Analysts, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm which serves lake communities in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast area, providing professional management services resulting in ecologically balanced lakes and ponds.…

Photo of Glenn Sullivan Glenn Sullivan


Photo of Todd Tietjen Todd Tietjen

Todd Tietjen has worked in lake management and applied limnology for over 2 decades. He received a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Alfred University, a M.S. in Aquatic Biology from Southwest Texas State University and a Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Alabama. Since 2008 he has worked as the staff limnologist for the Southern Nevada Water Authority working on Lake Mead and the Lower Colorado River.…

New York

***(PLM) = Provisional Lake Manager***

Photo of Matt Albright Matt Albright

Photo of Willard Harman Willard Harman

Photo of (PLM) Derek Johnson (PLM) Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson graduated with a Master of Science degree in Lake Management from SUNY Oneonta in Upstate New York. He was the first graduate, internationally, with a degree specifically in lake management. His master’s thesis and research was focused on writing a comprehensive lake management plan for a lake association in upstate New York. Through his degree and related work experience, Derek also earned the designation of Certified Lake Manager through the North American Lake Management Society, an organization that brings scientists and professionals together to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs.…

Photo of Steve LaMere Steve LaMere

Steve is recognized by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists as a Board Certified Environmental Scientist in Surface Water Resources, and is also a Certified Lake Manager (the first CLM certified in New York State and one of the first twelve in the U.S.). He is the President of the environmental consulting practice, Adirondack Ecologists, LLC and has performed research on over 100 lakes and ponds in NY during his 28-year career. …

Photo of Dan Stich Dan Stich

Photo of Holly Waterfield Holly Waterfield

Photo of Kiyoko Yokota Kiyoko Yokota

Kiyoko Yokota, Ph.D., CLM, has been an Assistant Professor of Biology at State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) since 2013 after teaching at the University of Tampa in Florida for 5 years. She teaches limnology, management of aquatic biota, and phytoplankton ecology for the Lake Management MS program at the SUNY Oneonta Biological Field Station in Cooperstown, NY, as well as for undergraduates on the main campus.…


Photo of Brian Ginn Brian Ginn

Brian is the Limnologist with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. His research expertise uses organisms to monitor environmental conditions, assess ecological change, and develop lake management strategies. To date his research has addressed environmental issues such as: surface-water acidification, nutrient inputs (eutrophication), changes in fish habitat, climate change, and how landscape development (i.e.…


Photo of Joseph Eilers Joseph Eilers

We at MaxDepth Aquatics, Inc. provide services to pubic and private clients to assist in management of water resources. We specialize in the following: * Water quality monitoring, design, and data analysis * Water quality modeling (1d, 2d, 3d), deterministic and Bayesian * Sediment sampling and analysis; paleolimnological reconstructions * Hydroacoustic data acquisition for bathymetry of lakes and rivers; sediment & macrophyte distribution; fisheries assessments.…


Photo of Edward Molesky Edward Molesky

Rhode Island

Photo of Marie Esten Marie Esten

Photo of Matt Ladewig Matt Ladewig

Photo of Carl Nielsen Carl Nielsen

South Carolina

Photo of Julie Davis Julie Davis

Born and raised in the upstate of South Carolina, Julie Marie Corley Davis has served as Director of Lake Management for Greenwood County since the fall of 2006. Lake Greenwood, situated in the foothills of SC is an 11,400 acre lake owned by Greenwood County and bordered by three counties. Lake Greenwood, a FERC licensed project, was created in the late 1930s, and is a treasure for the surrounding communities.…


Photo of Denny Bokemeier Denny Bokemeier


Photo of Tom Conry Tom Conry

NALMS member since 1989, served in several roles in Texas River and Reservoir Management Society and the NALMS national organization. Honored with the 2008 Secchi Disk award. 30 years in water quality and lake management at State, regional, and local governments. Coordinated a comprehensive four-year study of Lake Waco. Managed the construction of a 180-acre freshwater marsh adjacent to Lake Waco.…

Photo of Mark Ernst Mark Ernst


Photo of David Rosenthal David Rosenthal

David has been Reservoir Manager for the City of Norfolk Department of Utilities since 1990. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Akron, Akron, OH in Natural Sciences and a Masters Degree from Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT in Limnology and Oceanography. He is a Past President & Associate Director with the Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association and previous Chair of the Professional Certification Committee for NALMS.…



Photo of Reesa Evans Reesa Evans

Photo of Tim Hoyman Tim Hoyman

Photo of Jacob Macholl Jacob Macholl

South Africa

Photo of Bill Harding Bill Harding

Certified Lake Professionals

Certified Lake Professionals (CLPs) provide vital data used to make decisions that affect the quality and use of a water body. This listing is sorted alphabetically by State or Province. Lookgin for a Certified Lake Manager? Click here!


Photo of Reed Green Reed Green
501 681-7507

Reed Green has been a member of NALMS since 1987. He has been with the USGS Arkansas Water Science Center since 1989 as Hydrologist (Limnologist) conducting a variety of reservoir and watershed studies. Prior to that, he worked with the USACE at Waterways Experiment Station (now ERDC) from 1986-1989 in their Aquatic Plant Control Research Program.…


Photo of Alex Horne Alex Horne
Photo of Stephen McCord Stephen McCord

Dr. McCord is a water quality consultant who supports agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations managing water quality. His firm McCord Environmental, Inc., leads technically challenging projects that engage stakeholders, comply with environmental regulations, understand watersheds, and improve water quality. STEPHEN MCCORD is President of McCord Environmental, Inc., based in Davis, CA. With over 20 years of research, teaching, and consulting experience, Dr.…


Photo of Kelly Cline Kelly Cline


Photo of Seth Jones Seth Jones

Seth holds a B.S. in Biology with an Aquatic concentration from Southern Connecticut State University. During college he worked seasonal positions with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station on their mosquito project, CTDEEP Parks Department at Sherwood Island State Park and CTDEEP Marine Fisheries division, in their Anadramous Fish Program. He was also a part-time Ranger and Wildlife Rehabilitator at Ansonia Nature and Recreation Center.…


Photo of Michael Chimney Michael Chimney

Photo of Lance Lumbard Lance Lumbard


Photo of Jason Yarbrough Jason Yarbrough

Jason earned his BS in Fisheries Management from Auburn University (1997) and his MS in Fisheries Science from Mississippi State University (1999). Jason is the manager of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Calibration & Testing Services workgroup and has been a NALMS Certified Lake Professional since 2011. Jason has served as a NALMS board member when he was appointed as the At-Large Director in 2012.…


Photo of Peter Berrini Peter Berrini

Photo of Deanna Doohaluk Deanna Doohaluk
773-693-9200 x13


Photo of Caleb Asbury Caleb Asbury

Caleb Asbury, M.S.E.S., is a biologist and site manager with Davey Resource Group’s Natural Resource Consulting team. Mr. Asbury assists with a wide variety of ecological projects, including invasive species management, water quality monitoring, wetland mitigation monitoring, freshwater mussel surveys, macroinvertebrate collections, aquatic vegetation and sediment sampling, and bat tree habitat identification. Mr. Asbury also serves as a team leader for Indiana DNR Lake and River Enhancement projects involving lake and watershed diagnostic, engineering, aquatic vegetation, and sediment removal studies.…

Photo of Melissa Laney Melissa Laney

Teaches Limnology and Lake & Watershed Management, Aquatic Habitat Analysis, Environmental Management, and Environmental Sustainability. Director of the Indiana Clean Lakes Program, which is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Melissa, a Certified Lake Professional, is the Director of the Indiana Clean Lakes Program (CLP) and has been managing the Limnology Laboratory that administers the CLP through Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) since 2000.…


Photo of Albelee Haque Albelee Haque


Photo of Ann St. Amand Ann St. Amand

Raising the Standard in Aquatic Analyses: Algal, Zooplankton, & MacroInvertebrate Analysis PhycoTech, Inc. is an environmental consulting company located in St. Joseph, Michigan specializing in aquatic analyses and dedicated to raising the standards in our industry. Our analysis services include: identification, enumeration, biovolume (algae) and biomass (zooplankton). We are a leader in our industry, providing our customers with a wide variety of related services based on the most current technology, including permanently mounted, archival slides of both algae and zooplankton.…

North Carolina

Photo of West Bishop West Bishop

My research focus is on efficient proactive and reactive algae management as well as water quality improvement.

Photo of David Buetow David Buetow

New Jersey

Photo of Thomas Amidon Thomas Amidon

Mr. Amidon has a broad range of technical expertise in water resources and environmental management, including twenty years of experience developing innovative technical and regulatory solutions to difficult problems. Areas of focus include: environmental impact assessment; regulatory compliance; risk assessment and communication; surface water quality studies; technical support for environmental litigation; TMDLs and watershed management; wastewater management planning; and watershed restoration and protection.…

Nova Scotia

Photo of Cameron Deacoff Cameron Deacoff

Cameron serves as the municipality's senior subject matter expert with regards to water issues. In this capacity, Cameron serves on interjurisdictional committees on stormwater and wastewater, develops and leads water quality monitoring programs and projects, leads floodplain and watershed studies in support of regional planning initiatives, supports the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects and studies, and works with local universities, non-governmental organizations and other groups to achieve shared aims in environmental stewardship.

Photo of Darrell Taylor Darrell Taylor


Photo of Paul Gantzer Paul Gantzer

Photo of Barry Moore Barry Moore
509 335-4006