Welcome Volunteer Monitors, Friends and Colleagues!

We are pleased to welcome you to the 11th National Monitoring Conference. We hope you will meet new colleagues, reconnect with old friends, share your perspectives and knowledge, learn about the latest developments in the field, explore areas of interest, and (of course) have fun.

When we last gathered at the 2016 conference, the National Water Quality Monitoring Council had just passed a charter to establish a Volunteer Monitoring Work Group. Today, three years later the work group is actively exploring avenues for collaboration, outreach, and connecting data. The goal of the work group is to engage key stakeholders in volunteer monitoring-related discussions; provide a conduit for our community to share resources, technology, and lessons learned; and facilitate the integration of volunteer monitoring activities with ongoing water-quality monitoring conducted by local, state, and federal agencies. Keeping our community connected remains an essential goal and we are excited to connect with you throughout the conference. We hope you will take full advantage of the Conference’s offerings that have a volunteer monitoring focus. Your colleagues are speaking in many sessions and are presenting posters that will be on display throughout the conference. These include:

Session Day/Time Session Type Session Title
C8 T 10:30 panel discussion Integrating Volunteer Collected Data: An Agency Perspective
D8 T 3:30 workshop Macroinvertebrates.org
F6 W 10:30 session talks Innovate Collaborative Approaches Equal Success
G6 W 2:00 session talks Building Blocks for Chesapeake Bay Monitoring Cooperative
I6 Th 8:30 session talks Exploring Outcomes of Collaborative Monitoring
I8 Th 8:30 workshop Developing a Monitoring Program That Delivers Results
J6 Th 10:30 session talks Unique Strategies for Collaboration


In addition, please check out the following:

  • Volunteer Monitoring Exhibitor Booth: Located in the South Convention Lobby next to the EPA table. Thank you, Environmental Protection Agency, for sponsoring our booth! This will be “volunteer monitoring central” for the conference. Drop off materials to share, suggest topics for our meeting, sign up for our Wednesday dinner, learn about resources, or chat with your colleagues.
  • Wednesday Volunteer Monitoring Meeting and Dinner: Wednesday at 5:45 pm after the concurrent sessions, we will gather to discuss community needs, resources, and share lessons learned. After the meeting, come for a fun dinner at a nearby restaurant.
  • Volunteer Monitoring “Fluid 5K” Run: On Thursday at 7:00 am, join this race as a runner, walker, sponsor or volunteer. Funds raised will be applied toward the Eleanor Ely Memorial Volunteer Monitoring travel scholarships for the next conference in 2022; if you won’t be running, consider sponsoring one of your friends or colleagues! (pre-registration required)

Last, we extend our very special thanks to the Last, we extend our very special thanks to the Campbell Scientific, Inc., Eureka Water Probes, Aquatic Informatics Inc., LaMotte Company, and UW-Madison NADP, who donated registrations that helped members of the volunteer monitoring community attend this conference.

Once again, welcome! The Volunteer Monitoring Committee