Concurrent Session H

Wednesday, March 27
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Agenda subject to change.
Updated 20 March 2019


H1: Monitoring Changes in Groundwater Quality at Various Timescales

Moderator: Bruce Lindsey, USGS
Room: Windows

4:05 Nebraska’s NRDs:  Monitoring Ground Water for the Long Haul, Richard Ehrman, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
4:25 Groundwater Quality Monitoring in Eastern Nebraska: Adapting Long-term Monitoring to Inform Evolving Groundwater Management Strategies, Cory Kavan, USGS
4:45 Trends after 30 Years of Agrichemical Monitoring in Alluvial Groundwater of the South Platte River Basin in Colorado, Karl Mauch, Colorado Department of Agriculture
5:05 Trends in Groundwater Quality Determined from High-Frequency Water-Quality Data At 8 Networks Across the USA, Justin Kulongoski, USGS


H2: Evaluating Estuary Health

Moderator: Hugh Sullivan U.S. EPA
Room: Ballroom 1

4:05 Using Diverse Indicators to Assess Environmental Health for Ecosystems and Communities, Caroline Donovan, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
4:25 Multiple Indicators and Time Scales to Assess for Potential Marine Water Quality Impairments from Nutrients in Puget Sound, Stephanie Jaeger, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
4:45 Developing a Coastal Health Index for the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Jenny Oakley, University of Houston, Clear Lake
5:05 Effects of Hurricane Harvey on the Water Quality of the Galveston Bay Estuary, Texas, George Guillen, University of Houston, Clear Lake


H3: Management Perspectives for HABs

Moderator: Tom Wall, U.S. EPA
Room: Ballroom 2

4:05 EPA’s One Health Approach to HABs, Lesley D’Anglada, USEPA
4:25 A Monitoring and Early Warning System for Cyanobacteria, Cyanotoxins, and Taste-and-Odor Compounds in the Kansas River, Kansas, Guy Foster, USGS
4:45 A Water Utility’s Perspective: Planning for Harmful Algal Bloom Events on the Kansas River, Michelle Wirth, Water One, Johnson County, Kansas
5:05 Putting Volunteer Monitors in the Driver’s Seat: Developing a Cyanobacteria Research Plan Around Their Needs, Nancy Leland, Lim-Tex Water Quality Monitoring


H4: Microplastics in Wet Deposition and Aquatic Environments

Moderator: Blaine Snyder, Tetra Tech, Inc.
Room: Tower D

4:05 Microplastics in urban streams of the Northeast Region—A pilot study to assess conditions across USGS water-quality networks, Shawn Fisher, USGS
4:25 Occurrence of Microplastic on National Park Beaches, Stefanie Whitmire, USGS
4:45 Microplastics in the Mountains: A Pilot Study to Assess the Presence of Microplastics in Colorado Headwaters and Considerations for Future Research, Erin Cooper, Inland Ocean Coalition
5:05 It’s Raining Plastic, Gregory Wetherbee, USGS


H5: Water-quality Constituent Delivery and Reactivity from Summit to Sea: Impacts of Altered Land Use and Aquatic System Connectivity

Moderator: Tim Asplund, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Room: Silver

4:05 Identifying Dominant River Corridor Functions to Prioritize Regional Water Quality Management Strategies, Judson Harvey, USGS
4:25 Towards Real-Time Water Quality Forecasts for Streams of the United States, Jacob Zwart, USGS
4:45 The Role of Very Small Ponds Compared to Large Reservoirs in Regional Nutrient Budgets, Noah Schmadel, USGS
5:05 An Overview of the Water Prediction Work Program (2WP) Science, Edward Stets, USGS


H6: Lessons Learned Through Partnerships

Moderator: Emily Bialowas, Izaak Walton League
Room: Vail

4:05 Howdy Partner! Teaming Up to Protect Water Quality in Central Texas, Jacob Apodaca, Lower Colorado River Authority & Jenna Walker, Texas State University
4:25 Incorporating Volunteers into Regulatory Monitoring Programs, Natasha Dickrell, Pinellas County Public Works
4:45 Monitoring Mutualism: How Investing in Level III Volunteer Monitoring Benefits All Partners, Julie Ela, Rivanna Conservation Alliance
5:05 Five Lessons to Share from 50 Years of Running Save Our Streams, Samantha Briggs, Izaak Walton League of America


H7: Lake Monitoring and Management

Moderator: Jeff Schloss, University of New Hampshire
Room: Terrace

4:05 Statewide Data Analysis to Identify Lake Chlorophyll a Endpoints and Nutrient Thresholds to Protect Beneficial Uses, Monty Porter, Oklahoma Water Resources Board
4:25 Evaluating Iowa’s Swimming Beach E. coli Bacteria Impairments, Jason Palmer, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
4:45 Implementation and Results of a Comprehensive Urban Shallow Lake Monitoring Plan to Understand Ecosystem Dynamics and Inform Holistic Lake Management, Sarah Wein, Capitol Region Watershed District, Minnesota
5:05 Water Quality Goals in Collision: The Uncertain Case of Zinc in the Coeur d’Alene (Idaho), Mark Solomon, University of Idaho


H8: Workshop: Exploring Water Data in R, the EGRET Package and an Overview of WRTDS, Part II

Room: Columbine


H9: Workshop: Protocols for Collecting, QCing and Analyzing Continuous Vertical Profile Temperature Data from Fixed Arrays in Lakes, Part II

Room: Denver