Criteria: Elizabeth Jester Fellows Award

The EJF Award will be presented to an individual who, by his or her actions, has provided outstanding achievement, exemplary service, and/or distinguished leadership at the local, state, tribal, interstate, and/or national levels in one or more of the following areas of natural resources management and environmental protection:

  • Provides program leadership or technical insight to champion and support water quality aspects of natural resources management and environmental protection.
  • Fosters effective collaboration in planning, executing and reporting water quality monitoring results.
  • Stimulates significant improvements in monitoring that used comparable and scientifically defensible information aiding the interpretation and evaluation of water quality conditions.
  • Documents significant watershed component interactions important to water quality.
  • Promotes water information strategies that reduce uncertainty or lower the costs of monitoring.
  • Advances the standardization and practice of methods evaluation and validation and data comparability.
  • Advances the practices of data management and the public’s access to water quality data.
  • Provides leadership in developing a framework, network and/or forum for gathering and/or communicating water quality monitoring information and results.