Criteria: Barry Alan Long Award

The BAL Award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional perseverance and positive spirit while overcoming public or personal adversity to make significant contributions to the enhanced recognition, management and protection of nationally, regionally or locally significant aquatic ecosystems through one or more of the following areas related to natural and water resources management:

  • Instrumental in developing new and creative approaches to water resources monitoring and management.
  • Provides leadership in fostering a cooperative relationship among governmental and public officials, on contentious water management issues.
  • Substantially contributed to the improvement of an aquatic ecosystem as demonstrated by measured water quality, quantity, or habitat indicators.
  • Provides leadership in educating stakeholders on water related monitoring and management issues.
  • Instrumental in the creation of legislation, statutes, or laws that serve to preserve and protect water, coastal areas, shoreline, wetlands, or groundwater.