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Remote Sensing Methods for Lake Management

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Remote sensing holds great promise for lake assessment. While remote sensing cannot, in all cases, replace on the ground sampling it can serve to complement existing sampling programs and often allow for broader extrapolation of existing information. This manual provides detailed explanations of the various platforms currently in use, discusses preferred applications, limitations, costs and other factors that will assist those who are considering the use of remote sensing to select the platform that best suits their data needs.

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Managing Lakes and Reservoirs

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Third edition of a manual originally titled The Lake and Reservoir Restoration Guidance Manual, this 382-page edition builds on and updates the material in the original to include new state-of-the-art information on how to manage lakes and reservoirs. Many of today’s experts in the field of lake management authored chapters in this book.
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The Lake Pocket Book

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The Lake Pocket Book is a 176-page guide that provides explanations of aquatic chemistry; lake ecology and biology; collecting lake information and how to use it; developing lake management plans and organizing a lake association–all presented in plain English. This easy-to-understand style combined with its in-depth information has made The Lake Pocket Book an extremely popular publication among citizen lake lovers.

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Your Lake & You!

This tabloid size NALMS publication has been described as “simply incredible.” The 8-page publication explains how homeowners can do their part to protect their lake. It is also loaded with descriptions of resource publications.

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Interactive Lake Ecology

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This workbook, created by the New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services, introduces students to elements of a lake ecosystem, including basic scientific concepts of water, the water cycle, how lakes are formed, food chains & watersheds and introduces students to problems facing lakes. The workbook also looks at monitoring lakes for water quality.

Appropriate for grades 5-8, but adaptable to lake associations and volunteers.

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Through the Looking Glass...A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants

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This book from the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership contains detailed and highly accurate information needed to identify aquatic plants. This 248-page guide contains over 200 original illustrations of North American aquatic plants. The precise pen and ink drawings that grace these pages combined with detailed descriptions, natural history and folklore of many aquatic plants found in North America make this guide one of a kind.

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How’s the Water?

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One of the top issues facing our lakes involves recreational use conflicts. With an increase in use comes a growing concern with the quality of the recreational experience. This informative 306-page manual from the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership addresses the relevant issues and research on water recreation and related activities. This text was created as a tool to assist in the process of building a healthy lake and river ecosystem and a strong lake community.

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LakeLine (Back Issues)

LakeLine Magazine is NALMS' quarterly magazine containing news, commentary and articles on topics affecting lakes, reservoirs and watersheds. Usually organized around a theme, like control of invasive species or resolving recreational conflicts, each issue becomes a valued resource for lake users and advocates.

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The following back issues of LakeLine Magazine are available for purchase:

1993 Vol. 13: Iss. 1 Headwaters of Wood River, Oregon, Iss. 2 Aquatic Pests: A Challenge for the Future, Iss. 3 Volunteers Accept the Challenge…Future of Water Quality at Stake, Iss. 4 Fisheries: Working to Improve Our Resources

1994 Vol. 14: Iss. 1 Drinking Water, Iss. 2 Recreation, Iss. 3 International Lake Management Issues, Iss. 4 Restoring Aquatic Habitat

1995 Vol. 15: Iss. 1 Reservoirs, Iss. 2 Urban Lakes, Iss. 4 New Technologies for Investigating, Managing Lakes

1996 Vol. 16: Iss. 1 The World of Wildlife, Lakes, Iss. 2 Endangered Species Lakes and Watersheds, Iss. 3 On Wetlands Management, Iss. 4 Legend of Lakes

1997 Vol. 17: Iss. 1 Chemicals in Lakes, Iss. 2 Citizen Involvement in Lakes Management, Iss. 3 Of Bugs, Benthoes and Aquatic Invertebrates, Iss. 4 Tales from Wild Lakes

1998 Vol. 18: Aquatic Plant Harvesting, Iss. 2 Clean Lakes Program, Iss. 3 Volcanoes, Iss. 4 Learning of Lakes

1999 Vol. 19: Iss. 1 Planting Aquatic Plants, Iss. 2 International Lakes in Crisis

2000 Vol. 20: Iss. 1 Aquatic Plant Management Planning, Iss. 2 Celebrating NALMS First 20 Years, Iss. 3 Innovative Technologies for Lake Management, Iss. 4 Toxins in Lakes

2001 Vol. 21: Iss. 3 Fisheries Management, Iss. 4 Reservoirs

2002 Vol. 22: Exotic Species, Iss. 2 Regulatory Approaches, Iss. 3 Dam Safety, Iss. 4 Mexico's Lakes

2003 Vol. 23: Iss. 1 Shallow Lakes, Iss. 2 Beaches, Iss. 4 Canada's Lakes

2004 Vol. 24: Iss. 1 Lake Assessment, Iss. 2 Recreation Part 1, Iss. 3 Recreation Part 2, Iss. 4 Australia's Lakes

2005 Vol. 25: Iss. 1 Stormwater Management, Iss. 2 Shoreline Revegetation, Iss. 3 Alum Treatment, Iss. 4 Madison Lakes

2006 Vol. 26: Iss. 1 National Lake Assessment, Iss. 2 Toxic Algae, Iss. 3 The Great Lakes, Iss. 4 Dredging

2007 Vol. 27: Iss. 1 Data Analysis, Iss. 2 Nutrient Management, Iss. 3 Aquatic Nuisance Species, Iss. 4 Northeastern Lakes

2008 Vol. 28: Iss. 1 Fisheries Management, Iss. 2 Climate Change, Iss. 3 Social Dimensions, Iss. 4 Southwestern Lakes

2009 Vol. 29: Iss. 1 Shoreline Management, Iss. 2 Algal Toxins, Iss. 3 Aeration, Iss. 4 Southeastern Lakes

2010 Vol. 30: Iss. 1 Reflections, Iss. 2 New Approaches, Iss. 3 NALMS at 30!, Iss. 4 Northwestern Lakes

2011 Vol. 31: Iss. 1 Wetlands, Iss. 2 Lake Ecology, Iss. 3 Source Water Protection, Iss. 4 Great Plains Lakes

2012 Vol. 32: Iss. 1 Aquatic Macrophytes, Iss. 2 Lake Safety, Iss. 3 HABs, Iss. 4 Lakes of the Great Lakes States

2013 Vol. 33: Iss. 1 Water Education, Iss. 2 Lake Ecology, Iss. 3 Keeping the Lake in Lake Management, Iss. 4 Coastal Lakes

To order any of the publications above, please fill out the order form and send it to us via mail, email or fax:

NALMS, PO Box 5443, Madison, WI 53705 • • 608-233-3186.