NALMS National Inventory of Lake Resources

It is our intention to post the National Lake Inventory onto the new NALMS webpage as a link to Google Earth. In this way users will be able to zoom to the area of interest and browse the listed lakes. This requires that the lake list be continually checked and edited for duplicate records or errors where location information does not line up with the map on Google Earth. In 2010 the initial list was assembled from the Dip In database, the National Lakes Assessment Database and the Florida LAKEWATCH database. These were edited for duplicate records and checked to verify location descriptors. This list includes information about lake size, depth, and sources for water quality information, which can be presented in popup balloons in Google Earth.

In 2011 we will continue to develop the National Inventory List by:

  1. Identifying and including other lake lists that exist especially at the state level
  2. Continuing to maintain the Google Earth interface on the webpage
  3. Developing and verifying the information presented in the popup balloon
  4. Determining through user surveys the types of information that should be included with the inventory to increase its usefulness
  5. Consider the development of a user input function where visitors can add certain soft science information about their lakes of interest
  6. Maintain links to the external data available as indicated by the inventory