NALMS Individual Members

NALMS Individual members are students, scientists, lake managers, regulators, academics, non-professional and non-academic lake enthusiasts, and concerned citizens. Individuals may join NALMS as one of the following membership types:
  • NALMS Professional Member

    Geared toward technical professionals, including scientists, lake managers, regulators, and academics. Click the following links to learn more.

  • NALMS Lake Leader Member

    Geared toward non-professionals, non-academics, lake enthusiasts and concerned citizens. Click the following links to learn more.

  • NALMS College Student Member

    Geared toward undergraduate and graduate students with a focus in the following fields: Biology, Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geology, Geoscience, Limnology, Natural Resource Management, Phycology, Water Resources Engineering, and Wildlife Management among other areas of interest. Click the following link to learn more.

A complete listing of our Individual members is available to NALMS Members by logging into the Members Only section of the website and navigating to our Member Directory.

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