About Lake Management

What is Lake Management?

The term "lake management" encompasses a broad array of inter-related topics, disciplines and applications. It could be management for protection, enhancement, restoration and/or rehabilitation. Lake management activities may include lake and watershed studies, identification of problems causing various lake symptoms, evaluating options for remediation, planning and implementing that remediation, and performing all types of social, political, scientific, economic and other actions related to the waterbody or waterbodies of concern to manage that system.

Iterative steps in the management of watersheds and lakes is often encouraged; small steps that move in the perceived correct direction, cost less and have less potential to damage non-target organisms or features. However, some techniques are not effective unless applied at a larger scale, and ultimately the cost of management may be quite high. Compromises are almost always made between study and action, protection and conservation, restoration and maintenance, and expense and expedience. With limited time, funding and information, such compromises may indeed be necessary, although the local regulatory framework within which management actions are permitted has minimum standards that set limits on management without appropriate justification.