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Lakes, reservoirs and rivers are the chief above-ground water resources throughout North America and they need your help! The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that about “half [of American lakes] are experiencing some level of stress that is negatively affecting aquatic biological communities” (National Lakes Assessment p.20).

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The North American Lake Management Society’s (NALMS) educational programs and publications offer both an excellent introduction towards, as well as research-supported information for the responsible management, restoration and protection of our lakes and reservoirs. This science-based information will inform the actions that will positively affect the ecological integrity of our lakes, our drinking water and supply, our freshwater fishing industry, recreational opportunities, and tourism industries.

Contributions to the Eberhardt Memorial Student Fund, the G. Dennis Cooke Symposium Fund, and the Lake Givers Club support:
  • Partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs.
  • The exchange of information on the technical and administrative aspects of managing lakes and their watersheds.
  • Public awareness and support for programs promoting lakes and watershed management.
  • Guidance to public and private agencies involved in lake and watershed management activities.
  • The improvement of professional status for all persons engaged in aspects of lake and watershed management.
  • The identification of needs and encouragement of research on lake ecology and watershed management.
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