NALMS Achievement Awards

Call for Achievement Award Nominations

Each year NALMS recognizes individuals, organizations, and programs, corporations and projects that have contributed to the Society and to the science of lake and watershed management. Presented at the annual NALMS international symposium banquet, these awards were established to encourage the advancement of NALMS’ goals by recognizing outstanding efforts of our colleagues and encouraging similar activities.

NALMS Awards will be presented this year at the Society's 35th Annual Meeting in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Nominations should be sent to NALMS Awards Liaison from these categories:

Leadership and Service Awards

In addition to recognizing outgoing board members, officers and editors, NALMS recognizes other areas of leadership and service. See list of past award recipients.


Awards may be given to individuals or groups for significant volunteer efforts devoted to lake management. Professionals (i.e., anyone paid to work on the project) are ineligible. Selection criteria include the level of local involvement, creative use of methods or materials, and demonstrable lake-related improvements.

Education and Outreach

Awards may be given to individuals or groups for the design, facilitation or performance of exceptional education and outreach activity that furthers the understanding of and appreciation for lake management science. Selection criteria include innovativeness, creativity, impact, and dedication.


Leadership and service may be recognized for additional categories. The nomination should detail how the individuals or group demonstrated leadership and service to NALMS or to the profession and practice of lake management.

Special Appreciation Awards

Secchi Disk Award

For the individual member considered to have contributed the most to the achievement of NALMS’ goals. Recipient must be a NALMS member. See list of past Secchi Disk Award recipients.

Jim Flynn Award

For the organizational member considered to have contributed the most to NALMS’s goal. Recipient must be a NALMS Corporate member. See list of past Jim Flynn Award recipients.

Friends of NALMS Award

Awarded to individuals or corporations making major contributions to NALMS. Recipients do not have to be NALMS members, and “contributions” extend beyond monetary donations. See list of past Friends of NALMS Award recipients.

Lake Management Success Stories

Individuals or organizations who have accomplished successful lake management efforts. Nominees must show demonstrable improvements in lake condition through lake or watershed management. Projects are evaluated with respect to demonstrable success in achieving lasting improvements in water quality or recreational utility in a cost-effective manner. The nominator is invited and encouraged to make the presentation at the Awards Banquet.

Advancements in Lake Management Technologies

Individuals or organizations who have refined, developed or discovered new, innovative or improved methods, technologies or processes for achieving lake or watershed management outcomes in manners that are safer, cheaper or more effective. Awards may be given to individuals or groups for the performance of research projects, which contribute to the science of lake management. Nominations should be accompanied by appropriate documentation, such as journal papers. Selection criteria are relevance, approach, and applicability.

The Award Liaison appreciates the assistance of nominators in ensuring that recipients are present at the Annual Banquet to receive their awards. The Awards Liaison may also request photographs or other graphic materials be made available for the Award Presentation.


Current NALMS board members, and members of the NALMS Awards Committee are not eligible for nomination.


Any individual or organization may make nominations for these awards. To submit a nomination please provide the following information:

  1. Your name, title, mailing address, telephone number, and email.
  2. Full name of the nominee (or project), present position, organization or affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and email.
  3. A brief and complete description of the achievement to be recognized and statement of how the efforts of the individual or organization meet the award criteria.
  4. Electronic transmission of the nomination form and supporting materials is preferred.

Deadline for Nominations


We know that there are many individuals, organizations, programs and corporations working hard each day to protect and enhance our lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Be sure that they receive the recognition that they so justly deserve by sending a nomination, with supporting documentation, to:

Awards Liaison, Dana Bigham

Please contact Dana with questions.